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We have gained the trust of over 35,000 Customers in North America and Australia, with the numbers increasing every day. Welcome to
We have almost reached 34.26 Million People One of the most authentic
and customer-friendly
Ayurvedic Platform
Skin-Glowing, Even-Toning,
and Complexion Renewing
Night-care Facial Massage Oil
Mukhamrit Buy Now
Radiance your skin from
within your belly button

Nabhi Chakra Buy Now
This oil aims at relieving
the joint pains anywhere
in the whole body.
Shariramrit Buy Now
Save yourself from dandruff
embarrassment and get
amazingly silky-soft hair.
Kesamrit Buy Now

We have gained the trust of over 35,000 Customers in North America and Australia, with the numbers increasing every day. Welcome to
We have almost reached 34.26 Million People One of the most authentic
and customer-friendly
Ayurvedic Platform

The Ayurveda Difference

Here is how Ayurveda is a Step Ahead of ‘All Natural’?

We live in a generation where it is impossible to avoid stress. Pollution causes chemicals and toxins to enter our body through the skin. Ayurveda provides the solution for this with the help of its ancient techniques and recipes. Ayurveda does not just aim at exterior beauty but internal healing too.

Ayurveda is an eternal science that dates back to around 6000 BCE. It focuses on healing, its therapies are designed in a way to heal and repair the skin. Although ancient, its practices are still relevant and much needed to tackle the problems caused by pollution. Its recipes are gentle and aim at providing long-term benefits.

Each of the recipes of Ayurveda is made through a specific process of ‘Samskara’ following multiple steps ensuring that all the benefits of the ingredients are retained entirely. It’s not just a concoction of ingredients but a well-executed process maintaining the purity and efficacy of the ingredients.

We do not just aim for beauty.
But rather helping men and women of all age to break the high-standard beauty norms and solve their skin concerns.

We look forward to conversations, reviews and suggestions from our customers.

We believe in providing a complete solution for a better and healthier lifestyle.



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A Perfectly Natural Skin Care Routine

Fresh Arrivals

Change your skin game with a new skin-care routine using our amazing new products.

Which Oil is best for me?

The most important thing for selecting the products for your skin/hair/body is to know it first. It’s type, its needs and its concerns. Customized products according to your skin/hair/body deliver faster and better results. A well-thought regime should be followed for your skin and hair tailored according to its needs.

With so many options available in oils from us, all having multiple benefits and adorable packaging, you must be wondering which one to choose according to your needs. But, don’t worry. We’ve got your back!

With our quick-and-easy guide, you can find out which oils are ideal for your skin type! Check it now!

Here is what our regular customers say

Our products were given a 5-star rating by around 7,000 customers reviewing them, with an average store rating of 4.3


Can’t find anything purer essential oil than this

I have bought Lavender essential Oil. It has Fabulous long lasting aroma. I was suffering from insomnia due to work related tensions. After using this Lavender essential oil, I am able to sleep deep and peacefully. The scent of 3 drops on the pillow lasts for at least 3 days. I am able to sleep soundly after 3 days of use. I have gotten back to my normal sleep cycle. I feel calmer and refreshed every morning.

Vijaya Laxmi


Very Relaxing and Refreshing aroma

Great quality essential oils, and well packaged. Arrived at my doorstep in perfect condition. These oils have helped me do a bunch of different things. With these, I’ve made my own blend of very effective mosquito/bug repellent, mood enhancing scent blends for my diffuser, sleeping aid blends that have given me and my family markedly improved and restful sleep, as well as various antibacterial yet refreshing room/bed/pillow sprays! Most importantly, all of it is non-toxic and natural! In closing, the oils that I have received from these guys are indeed Precious!
Devika Mahajan

Best ever Kumkumadi Tailam

I have really sensitive skin and only use coconut oil as moisturiser but decided to give this product a try which is a blend of several Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients without any parabens and other nasties. I’m really pleased with the product and can see a visible difference in terms of skin texture, smoothness and radiance. My skin feels moist and nourished without becoming oily. I feel so good about myself.

Aradhna Chahar

Brilliant Results

I happened to buy its Mukhamrit facial oil. It is an extremely nourishing oil that adds brightness to your skin and keeps it glowing for years to come. It is the most miraculous product I have ever used. Don’t even need to use it daily, 2 or 3 times a week is enough. Loving the purchase, as it absorbed in my skin rapidly and gave my face the radiance I was looking for. It’s absolutely a “must-have” product if you love your skin.



My hair love Kesamrit

It will definitely work if you use this with full dedication and apply properly without any alternate day skip. Leave for 4 to 5 hours and then rinse with shampoo. I won’t lie, my hair fall has stopped by 99% now only 2 to 4 hair only come in my hand when I move my hand in my hair and my scalp goes 100% dandruff free. I suffer from dandruff every winter and everyone suffers but after applying wonderful hair oil my shoulder is dandruff free. Must buy this oil. I am gonna try other products by Rooparth too.
Monisha Sengupta

No more struggling with skin dryness

No more struggling with skin dryness

My skin is extremely dry and acne-prone, so it’s been a constant struggle keeping that healthy glow while also fighting off those nasty pimples. This oil is a godsend!

A few drops of it will ensure your skin glows all day long without looking overly oily (a genuine problem with those other, richer ‘cremes’ out there).

I very rarely need to apply harsh anti-acne creams on my face. This oil ensures my pores aren’t clogged and my skin doesn’t start to produce excess sebum in the problem areas.

Just a few drops of it after your shower and you’re good to go!



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